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Hello friends today i will share with  you a unique topic, this is a good topic for the young man and our students who have ho her girlfriend and no talking with another using this application they will find a girlfriend for her and also they will chat with her girlfriend and also you can make the new friend on this application from the other country.  

When you will install the application and then you will make your account, If you have a facebook account then you will be easy to make an account and you can also make them by using the google account and then you will be making many friends on these applications.

Dashboard of application 

After installing this application you can see this type of dashboard here you can see your friends and you can chat with her friend and make more friend here you can see many people and you can send them a friend request and make them as a friend.
Here you can see this menu 

  • Find
  • Chats
  • Groups
  • Videos

On find menu, you can find your friend from the other country and chat with your friends, you can also videos call and audio with her and you can live and record these calls.and you can make many groups and call with multiple friends and chat her friend.