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valentine day / valentine day 2019

valentine day/valentine day 2019 in every year in the united state and a cross of Asia country and Europe celebrate on 14 Feb. The Valentine day has much importance in Europe country. There are no much important near to the Muslims. 

valentine day 

we discuss or we define the valentine day if you cannot know about valentine day in details after reading our article you can get a piece of huge information about valentine day. If we talk on the day of valentine day this day have more importance near the non muslims.valentine day has no much importance near to the Muslims. On this day the young boys and young girls purpose each other. For example, if you like anyone you can propose them with no fear.

if your partner doesn’t like you.you are afraid of their parents. But on these days there are no afeard from the parents. On this day all the young boys and all the young girls are proposed and find their life partner.

 valentine day in the United States

The united states are the European country and the and the people are the jobless and in every country, the 180 million people have exchanged the valentine card and the gift. There are hundred million students are include exchanging the valentine day gift and card. The united state has more importance valentine day and the people are the enjoy valentine day.T he valentine day is the much fashionable day among the European country and includes the United states.T he united states are the non muslims country the number of non muslims is much then the number of Muslims in the united states.

valentine day in china

China is the modern country and all the man and woman are the educate and all the man and woman are working together. valentine day has much importance in the country of China. In China, people are also celebrated the white day this day is much fashionable among the people. The valentine day is much fashionable day among the china people they celebrate this day. China is the non muslims country, however, the people of China are celebrating these days like a fashionable day. 

 valentine day in India 

India is the large country of the Asia country and the population of India is so much and the people are no much educated here and this country is the non muslims, however, the people are the celebrate valentine day like as her fashionable day. There are many other other days are celebrated in India and people are enjoyed these days.

 valentine day in Pakistan

Pakistan is the Muslims country the people have no much importance valentine day because of Islam is the mazhab of the people the people believe in Allah and her Holy prophet. In Islam, we can’t celebrate these days because this is the days who was the celebration in the non muslims and this is the non muslims celebrating the day.

valentine day in Saudi Arabia  

The Saudia Arab is the Muslims country the government of the Saudia Arab banned the valiant day 2002 to 2008. This is the non-Muslims celebrating the day.In the 2012 the government of sudia Arabia arrest 140 Muslims who celebrate valentine day.In the  valentine day, all the flower shops remain closed in the soudia Arabi