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What is event blogging / How to start event blogging

What is event blogging / How to start event blogging? What is event blogging is the form of blogging in which you can write an article only on one topic these topic are only on events. there are many events comes in years.

Event blogging is the type in which you can only target the events who comes in the years .many people have started this event blogging five months before the event they start their work on their blogger the work on her blogger before 5 to 6 months and then they get this success in this blogger field. Events blogging is an easy way to earn money quickly this way of earning is the best way of earning their the other way of earning.

Step 1 on the event blogging 

First, the events blogger start his works before the events they work on his blog in 5 to 6 month before to the target the events .when an event comes there are many searches on the internet many people make their blog on the many websites and start their events blogging.

Step 2 

They chose their domain any buy the domain and attached with their website and work in his website this type of blogger work only 5 to 6 months and make much money from the events blogging if you want to be a rich then you want to start the events blogging .events blogging is the best way to get much money in short time.

Step 3

In this step, I will tell you that after buying a domain events blogger what to do they will act on her blog and work on it and make many posts on it and also do some SEO to ranking our blog.

Which platform is best for events blogging

If we talk on the good platform for events blogging the WordPress is the best platform for them .on WordPress you can easily install the plugin and rank your blog however WordPress is the best platform for events blogging I will recommend you that if you want to start events blogging in future you chose on WordPress.
If you chose the WordPress platform then you can easily rank your blog low time.you
can using  WordPress you can rank you post the best work on the WordPress is that here you can implement your post to the provincial way.

How to get Google Adsense approval 

Get the approval from Google Adsense is very easy .there are tips you can follow them and then you can get your Google Adsense approval in a few days first is that do not copy any type of data from Google or other websites. Write a post with unique content and with own writing and write 30 to 40 post on the blog with complete SEO and then apply for Google Adsense approval.

Create contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages

The main work on your blog is that create the pages on your blog with complete SEO and then google gave you approval.

  •  Privacy policy 
           The privacy policy is the main pages on your blog if you have a company and you                don’t have you company privacy then any company cannot be attached with you                      how  ever privacy policy is the necessary on the blog. If you don’t create this page                  then  you cannot get approval from Google AdSense.You can easliy genrated                        from the privacy policy genrator website. 
  •     contact us 
          Contact us page is also very important on the blog like as if you start a business and            your customers are want to contact with you if you cannot give the contact method                 for your customer then your customers cannot contact with your.However  contact                  us   page is very imporatnt for every organized .You can make contact us form from               google and paste onyour blog 
  •     disclaimer 

            The disclaimer is also so important on the blogging if your website have Disclaimer
             pages then you can get approvals from Google Adsense very easy.you can                           generate your site disclaimer from discalmir genrater website

A most popular topic on event blogging 

  • Happy new year

  • Happy birthday

  • happy valentine day

These three topics that are hit on events blogging many bloggers are work in these three topics. this topic is much important
Happy new year 

Happy new years is the very important event’s blog many people are work on the happy new years at this many bloggers makes their blog on the topic of happy new years. There are a million searches on the topic of new years this is one of the most search topics all over the world.
Many bloggers make the script on the whising blog and they share script people send this script to the other friend and then the script become viral and the owner of the script earn much money from this script.you can write this type by using HTML if you want to write this script from anyone then visit up work you can get this type of script in only on 5 to 10 dollar and then you can peast your Adsense code and earn money.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday is the events who have searches are for the years there is no event but this topic is the best topic you can easily maintain your blog on this topic and you can earn money from this topic.If you want a blog on happy birthday keywords then you can work on blogger.com and make a blog and get approval on the Google Adsense. Google ads gave approval on the blogger blog because blogger is the product of Google.

happy valentine day

Happy valentine day is also an event blogging this is also the best topic for work on the events blogger. Many people search on happy valentine day to search queries and also search happy valentine day videos and pic on google. if we talk on the searches of happy valentine day there are 10k search on theGooglee of happy valentine day.